Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Well I have been so busy here so not had much time for bloging. There have been days out with the beaver scouts and lots of clearing out the house.
Today though I decided it was high time to sort out my terrace balcony, we have neglected it far too much by only using it as an ash tray. The view is lovely and should be used more. 
We took Phoebe to nursery and went into town where I got 5 stackable pots from poundworld, 40 litres of compost for £2 from B&M Bargains, flowers and pack of 5 single pots from B&Q as well as a big pot of decorators filler.... (All will become clear)
Once Phoebe was home from nursery and having a nap I went onto the terrace and completely swept, threw away all the rubbish and tipped away the stagnant rain water from the the old gerbil tank. 

Now to make the boring plastic pots more interesting!!!
I have a big bag of seashells my mum and nephew collected for me on their frequent trips to the beach so out it came. Get a pot and spread the decorators filler on the pot very thick (I use a spoon) and stick on the shells... leave to dry and 


Unique and cheap pots

I found I had bought far too many plants so I filled the old gerbil tank with the remainder of the compost and squeezed as many plants in as I could. And all put together they look lovely.

I am suffering a bit now as I didn't use suncream and my back is raw. But it was worth it to have a nice, tidy and pretty terrace. I have had to go inside to avoid any more burns (face still burnt from beaver scout fun day on Sunday) but I can see my beautiful flowers through the patio doors.

I must get on with my big crochet blanket to use up my stash as I have given a ban on buying more by the man in the house. Such a meanie!!

Well enjoy the sunshine and remember the suncream! 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Hi everyone. Its been so busy recently so now Phoebes bedroom is finished I decided to take a break from blankets and make something completely useless just for me! So I have a trawl and found an awesome pattern for one of my favourite TV characters.
Here it is part way through.....
That was one evening. 
The next day I really got into it. (Great pattern for mastering the magic circle)

The clue to 'Who' it is is on the laptop :) 
I am just a bit in love with my 10th doctor.

The pattern can be found here
there are mini Dr's of all 11 and a mini tardis, also large patterns in crochet and knitting for some of the Dr's, companions and Torchwood. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The last few days have been very busy here, the manshape came home from his course and bought with him far too much washing for the BROKEN machine! We managed to get a new one and I think I love it far too much.

Phoebe had her 3rd birthday where she was spoilt rotten and her grandparents came to visit from Essex. 
I went with my mum to Ikea in Cardiff and upon arrival my car let off a great jet of steam where the pipe from the radiator pipe had split! Nice RAC man came within 20 minutes and put a temporary fix on it while we went in and bought shelves.

When evening came round I made us all a chicken roast and Phoebe went to bed, after dinner mum and I went into the very messy basement to make some curtains for phoebes room.
I got this fabric months ago and its been sitting in my stash all that time just calling from the dark to be used and loved. It was bought as 1 long 2m length I found in the bargain bin and once cut in half we were not sure if they were long enough so to make this process more difficult (neither mum or I have ever made curtains before) I dug out a long strip of purple dots and we attached it. 
We put the curtain tape across the top and gave it a good iron. I hung them (after my dad had put up the rail for us) to see if they were level and they ARE! We are so proud of these curtain now and all I have to do is line them when I can get to my sewing machine.

I have been working on an old wardrobe for about 4 months now. It was given to me by a friend and I have to admit very dated and a bit ugly, so off I went with a power sander in my garage and a few tubs of paint. I think the result is beautiful! 
It supposed to be plain white but as its so cold in my garage and I over sanded it the white didn't dry evenly and it looked awful so I stole the sea sponge from the bathroom and mixed a bit of purple in with the white paint and got dabbing.

Its amazing how may sins a bit of dabbing can cover up lol! 
The handles looked a bit empty so I used the 'Birdie Decoration' from Attic24 and made a few alterations to the pattern and added a bead tail to make this cute pink bird (the manshape swears its a chicken)

I had made some butterfly pictures months ago and now they are hung up and look very pretty

Phoebe is quite happy having a quick run about, I bought the coat hooks last year at a craft fair and they have been waiting to be put up
We got her a new bed off ebay for £50 including mattress! Very chuffed! My mum bought all the bedding for Phoebes' birthday, the first time she got in bed she looks so tiny!
 The pink blanket box next to her bed was an awesome charity shop find for £12 and the pink rug was £10 from £-stretcher! I love a bargain I do! 
There is a single futon bed/chair in the corner and its covered with a crochet blanket my mum made about 30 years ago

Well that was a busy weekend and I still have the pink ripple blanket to finish for Phoebes bed and her cot is in pieces on the landing until He sorts out the basement so we can store it, it is very sad to see the cot in pieces but then I go in her new big girls room and its like walking into spring and very happy. Everything in there has its own little story that makes it even more special.

Quick update on my ripple blanket. Its coming along and looks lovely.

Phoebe seems happy with her room and so am I.