My newest 'Thing' is knitting and crochet. I cant get enough of it!

I have been influenced my the lovely members of the Facebook group 'Stitch and Bitch' and realised I need to learn self control and stop clogging up the group wall with my pictures, they also encouraged me to start this blog.

I am still a beginner and I will admit that every project I have made has mistakes, too many stitches, forgetting a stitch, not weaving in properly.....etc. BUT you don't notice and its all the more special to you if you have a few 'little secrets' in your work.

In the beginning it was 'Wonkey'

Yes it took me a while to get the hang of counting stitches, tension and how to hold the needles and hook.
The results were..... um...... 

I got there in the end with this cute kitty. Pattern was from a knitting magazine. 

African Flower Hexagon Cushion

This cushion was the first crochet project I managed to finish with great success.
The tutorial for the African Flower Hexagons came from Heidi Bears blog, (please see my profile for full listing of site I follow) it was a pleasure to make.

When I had put enough hexagons together I had to find a tutorial for a half hexagon and found a wonderful one at Crochetbug  (please see my profile for full listing of site I follow). Once they were attached I still had the gaps down the long edge that needed squaring off. Now I have no idea how I did it! I just kept doing stitches until the area was filled.
I then could not resist my size 10 needles sent to me by my lovely mum and very chunky wool so I knitted a rectangle for the back.

An old cushion kindly donated its stuffing so I didn't have to open a new bag.
And the result was.......
I ran out of the beige as I didn't know how far a 50g ball of chunky would go so finished with the pink.

Ta DAA......

Am I proud? Um YEEEEEES!


To practice knitting I made a headband, no pattern, I just cast on 30 stitches and off I went, wrapping the length around my head until it felt ok.
Cast off then I twisted 1 end round and whip stitched it together.
The twist means it stays on my head and does not slip off the back.

I was told a lot that it was very pretty so I made one for Phoebe to wear at nursery but she wont wear it. However she does put it in her toy washing machine and laughs as it spins round and round.

Homage to Attic24

I discovered Attic24 quite early on in my learning curve but was terrified of trying anything she had made a tutorial for. But I kept going back to her blog to admire and finally bit the bullet. 
(please see my profile for full listing of site I follow)

Blooming Flower Cushion
I loved every minute of making this cushion and found the tutorial very easy to follow.
Everyone should try this, its a smile maker when finished.
First Few rounds.
Then I got into the rhythm while The Tudors was on in the background.
Another old cushion gave up its innards for this one.

I love this cushion so much but alas I cannot keep it. Its going to be a birthday present for my lovely mum

Ripple Ripple Ripple

A few of us on 'Stitch and Bitch' are mad about the ripples. And why not! They are fabulous!

I made this baby blanket.
I have a few friends who are due to have their babies at around the same time so whoever gives birth first wins this blanket.

A little while ago I took my beaver scout group on their Sleepover (overnight camp indoors for the under 8s) and a good friend from another scouting group came to help out. When the kids were asleep she got out her crochet bag that was FULL of hooks! I was green with envy as I only had 1 double ended pink hook I got free in a magazine. So I got home an dived again into ebay and found a seller offering 12 different sized and colour hooks for £3.99 and FREE postage... HA! I ordered them straight away.
2 days later they dropped through the door
I now have a new problem.... I don't like the packet and need a case.
Back onto ebay and I cant find one I like at all. 
My mum calls for a chat and asks why I don't just make a case.

I am still loving the ripple effect so make 2 rectangles and attach them together using double crochet all around the edge, I realise I made 1 rectangle too long so just folded it under and pretended all was fine.

I think this looks a bit plain.
Here come the flowers for the outside and a small bit of granny stripe to keep the hooks from falling about.


I have helped my good friend to ripple! We found out what was going wrong and she has cracked it.
The concentration!


Inspiration for my blankes came from Attic24 but I have made a few changes from Lucys' design.

I have quite few granny squares made

As I was bored of making the squares I began to put them together.

I still have a way to go before its finished but one thing is for sure....
It's going to be bright! And Wonkey!
Just how I like it

I have made some progress on my big blanket over the last few days. 32 small granny squares have been put together to make 8 larger squares. Still a way to go but still in love with it.
It will be wonky!
There is no doubt about that and I wont be blocking it as I like the unevenness of it.


  1. ♥♥lovely to find someone as joyous about hooky as me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Well done Liz they great xx