Phoebes' Room

I love making 'Things' for Phoebes' room. She appreciates it in her own way.

BIG Beanbag

Phoebe will grow into this monster but she still finds it comfy, my partner and I use it when playing Mario Kart on the Wii as its more comfy than the sofa.

This pattern came from How To Make Lincraft Project #1837


Phoebes' cot and window looked a little bland so I made a matching set of patchwork duvet cover and curtain. They took me forever to make but I loved every moment as Phoebe was 13 months old an we had just moved the base of the cot down to its lowest.


After making 'Things' that were practical I decided to try a teddy, the internet didn't produced anything I liked so I bought a jointed teddy kit from Hobbycraft 

She was so easy to make but I thought she looked too naked so I made a simple top.

The Mother In Law got this teddy but I bought 2 more kits and made 1 for Phoebe and 1 for my mum.
Everyone was very happy


The beanbag got in the way in the living room so it ended up in Phoebes' bedroom. She still needed something to sit on during the day so I got the spare single 13.5tog duvet, folded it up and measured it.
After a hunt through my fabric stash for a big enough piece of fabric I made a cushion cover that ties closed with pink ribbon.

Phoebe and the cats love it! 
And I love it because I now have some space under the bed to store old clothes.

Number Line

Phoebe started learning her numbers very young so I made a number line. It took weeks to cut out each of the numbers in different coloured scraps, stuff and sew them closed. 
I didn't really enjoy making this but once it was finished I was very fond of it again.

Its a bit messy but 1 of a kind!


Now I don't just sew! I paint as well when the urge takes hold.

A fairy picture

While on holiday with my family, mum (who I inherited the crafty mojo from) and I spent an evening when the kids had gone to bed and the blokes were at the bar playing pool using her cutters. We punched so many flowers and butterflies that we dented the table! Oops! that will teach us for using such thick card.

I bought some card frame boxes (I think that's what they are called) and painted them a nice pink.

When they were dry I got to work with craft glue and glitter.

Lil Bits n Bobs (Found on Facebook)

A lovely lady on Facebook makes beautiful cushions and much more but I fell in love with her idea for a family tree cushion. My order was put in with the names of us, my immediate family, my partners immediate family and the pets.
A total of 17 family members and 5 pets!

She just posted a photo on her page and I had to share it.

When I have finished restoring Phoebes' wardrobe and finished the decorating this will have pride of place on her chair.

I like to buy handmade items from talented people who put as much effort and love into their creations as I do and since I am not in my sewing phase right now this purchase was a great one!

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