I have little moments where I prefer to do sewing, I embroider, make pretty 'things' that have no use other than they are nice to look at and also make bed sets.

I love this cute sleeping cat door hanger so much I made 2.
1 is on Phoebes' bedroom door and the other I gave to my mum.

I could not stop there though and made the pattern bigger.
The result is this very cute door stop made in the same way as the little ones but with an extra 'pad' at the bottom of the body and filled it with cheap stones from the garden centre.

I got the pattern from 

Cot Blankets

I have a habit of cheating when I make blankets. I buy the fleece throws from asda for £3 and a good size 150x150cm, then get 2m of fabric from the bargain bins at my local fabric shop.
 (funny story about the bargain bins but will tell later) 
I lay the fabric on the floor so its flat and lay the fleece blanket over the top lining up 2 corners and trim off the excess fabric leaving about 4cms for hemming. 
Pin and hem the fabric then pin the fleece to the fabric right sides together. When you start sewing begin about 50cm from the corner and start sewing towards the nearest corner and follow all the way round stopping 50cm away from the last corner. You should be left with a hole about 50cm wide, leave this open.
Turn your blanket the right way round and your done! 
The hole is so that you can insert a duvet. 
You now have a blanket for Autumn and Spring and duvet cover for winter with a fleece back for extra snugglyness......
Using the excess fabric leftover you can make a pillow case just by making a 2cm hem then folding one end over (wrong sides together) by 10cm and sewing it down the 2 short sides, now fold the whole thing in half (right sides together) and sew the 2 long sides.
1 matching pillow case.
Have fun with the fabrics and you will have lots of bed covers that work out cheaper than buying some ready made sets.

Phoebe likes her sheep blanket!!!

MAD Blanket!!!

I cant remember where I saw this idea but thought to myself 'O yes that's nice and wont take too long' I was wrong! 
This blanket is 'woven' using strips of contrasting fabric with a fleece back and zig zag stitching on the sewing machine to fasten it all in place. I hated this blanket for such a long time after making as it was more difficult than I thought, it also caused many broken needles to fly in my direction.

Buggy/Car Seat Covers

I was asked by a friend to make her a car seat cover as the one she bought for her baby was very hard. After a long car journey on holiday she found her baby had bruises on his back.
So I found some lovely blue tye dye fabric and 4oz wadding and had a go.

But me being me I had to make more as presents.

Had a shaky moment with the camera, apologies!!! 

Baby Change Bag and Mat

I made this change bag with integrated mat for a charity auction for a premature baby unit in Essex.

No Pattern just folded and stitched until it looked about right.


I have made a few bags, none of them have patterns I just folded and stitched until it looked right.

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